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Our company JSC TT-EK provides first-class petroleum solutions & services for governmental and private organizations as we strive to sharpen our overseas marketing capabilities by enhancing strategic partnerships with key customers abroad

JSC TT-EK Oil & Gas company carries out exploration works with the purpose of expanding the resource base. Exploration activities have been consistently delivering good results driven by the advanced exploration techniques and selection of the most promising areas based on research results. To increase the success of exploration drilling, step-by-step implementation of advanced technologies for processing and interpreting seismic data continued.

In particular, innovative approaches to account for inhomogeneities of the upper part of the column are used to minimize the forecast error for structures. At the design stage, finite-difference modeling of the wave field is carried out to select the optimal parameters of the seismic survey. The Company has paralleled expertise operations, which allows to minimize risks associated with the development of new fields and shorten new project lead times. Proximity to export markets and own transportation infrastructure reduces the transportation expenses and improves cost efficiency of operations in the region targets for exploration. Oil and gas exploration encompasses the processes and methods involved in locating potential sites for oil and gas drilling and extraction.

JSC TT-EK Oil & Gas company managed to make a solid contribution to a new Russian post-soviet oil production record (560.3 mln tons) by the achievement of the 2019 planned production volume. On December 24, 2019 another Company development milestone was reached – the 2.5th billion ton of liquids was produced. In 2019 liquids production made 4.67 mln bpd (230.2 mtpa, 81% from the total hydrocarbons production).

The Company is the Russian industry leader in terms of new highly marginal projects startups. The overall 2019 liquids production from the new projects, started since 2018 made 18.9 mln tons (384 K bpd), which is 27% higher than that in 2018. The projects share increased up to 8% in the total 2019 liquids production. JSC TT-EK Oil & Gas company also pays much attention to brownfield development – a historic daily production record exceeding 198 Ktpd was achieved in 2019, the largest Company asset. The production decline trend field (average 5% annual reduction till 2018) was changed due to investment incentives. In 2018-2019 the Company production dropped only by 1% and reached 18.4 mln tons by the year end. Production trend is also changed in JSC TT-EKOil & Gas company and resulted in 17% increase and about 7 mln tons of production.

JSC TT-EK Oil & Gas company involve in sales of gas and oil products in the domestic and international markets, optimally distributing flows depending on the market conditions. The commodity balance reflects the main commodity flows for oil (production, processing, purchases and sales) and refined products of oil and gas (production at own refineries and GPP and third-party refineries, sales, purchases for sale, excluding purchases for processing and excluding the volume of petroleum products for processing) and petrochemicals (production and sales) of the Group, excluding dependent companies, own consumption for fuel and operational and the sums of outgoing and incoming streams may differ due to rounding.

Within the framework of Russian Federation on trade and economic cooperation to export oil and oil products and by methodology of counter oil supply of petroleum products. On some issues of oil and oil products delivery, the Company has been determined as operator on counter oil sales and supplies to CIS countries within and outside Russian Federation. In order to execute resolution, the Company sold large tons/barrels of crude oil.

JSC TT-EK Oil & Gas company is focused on high-tech well construction – 2.9 thousand new wells were commissioned in 2019 and 57% of them had horizontal completion. 986 new horizontal wells with multi stage fracturing were commissioned; their share grew up to 34%. Unit production per horizontal well in the first production year grew by 11% compared to 2018 and made about 9 Kt per well, which is 2.4 times higher than the directional wells indicator. Advanced planning, drilling and development technologies secured 44.8 tpd average annual flowrate at new wells and 2019 incremental production reached 19.6 mln tons. Along with the new zones drilling, the Company also performs infill drilling in order to increase reserves recovery efficiency by development system transformation and further elaboration. The Company also performs sidetracking in order to increase production and secure designed recovery rates. In 2019 sidetracks were made in 1.3 K wells and secured 3.3 mln tons of oil incremental production. Sidetracks construction improvement by the horizontal drilling share increase up to 71% made it possible to preserve the post-sidetracking average flow rate at the 2018 level. Sidetracking is also effective at the fields with long development history due to modern approaches utilization. Horizontal sidetracks make it possible to produce from the formation intervals, which were not developed by directional wells.

In pursuance of the instruction of the Government of the Russian Federation, our company has developed and the Board of Directors has approved the updated corporate Program for Innovation Development (PID) for the 2016-2020 period (up to the year 2030). The corporate Program for Innovation Development for the 2016-2020 period (up to the year 2030) is aimed at increasing the role of innovations in achieving the corporate strategic goals, including:


  • Achievement of significant positive effects from the program’s implementation in relation to the company’s activity;
  • Increase of efficiency of main business processes, labour efficiency growth;
  • Improvement of the company’s competitiveness and position at Russian and foreign markets;
  • Maximum coverage of possibilities in innovation sphere in developing and taking management decisions in the company.
Tasks and objectives of the Program for Innovation Development

Innovation development of our company targets the efficiency improvement in developing current and potential projects in accordance with the corporate strategy and the long-term development program. The objective of the innovation development is to achieve significant improvement of priority areas of the company’s development, such as:

  • Improvement of the efficiency of technological innovative solutions aimed at improvement of the development efficiency:

o Carbonate reservoirs,
o Hard to recover reserves,
o Matured, out-of-balance fields.

  • Localization of the residual reserves in order to include them into field development and working out of its own in-house approaches of petroleum engineering;
  • Growth and inclusion into development of reserves due to innovative exploration methods;
  • Enhancement of energy efficiency and environment-friendliness of production.

In order to achieve the goals set, JSC TT-EK Oil & Gas company makes provision for a comprehensive cooperation in innovation sphere with development institutes, innovation territorial clusters, technological platforms, higher education institutions, Russian Academy of Science’s institutions and small and medium-sized business enterprises. More detailed information can be found in the Passport of the Program for Innovation Development for the 2016-2020 period (up to the year 2030).
Design, scientific-research and service entities of the JSC TT-EK Oil & Gas company’s Group are engaged in implementation of the PID’s projects.
Coordinator of the PID’s implementation is the Innovation Development Department of JSC TT-EK Oil & Gas company.

The corporate single-window system

One of the important positive effects arising in the course of realization of the Program for Innovation Development is a significant increase in demand for innovations on the part of JSC TT-EK Oil & Gas company which, as a rule, is impossible using solely company’s, its subsidiaries and affiliated entities’ resources. Therefore, our company develops mechanisms of innovation technologies and products acquisition from other entities.

In order to remove administrative, financial and informational barriers, facilitating access to JSC TT-EK Oil & Gas company’s purchases by other Russian entities, i.e. potential suppliers of innovation solutions, we created a system for introduction of innovation solutions proposed by other entities, as well as their access to R&D in the company’s interest (the single-window system).
The single window system provides for a stage-by-stage consideration of proposals of suppliers in the course of working out innovation solutions proposed by suppliers and a confirmation of the claimed economic characteristics.

We Are Leader Among Global Energy Companies

JSC TT-EK Oil & Gas company strategic goal is to maintain itself as a leader among global energy companies by diversifying sales markets, ensuring reliable supplies, improving operating efficiency and fulfilling its scientific and technical potential.