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About our company!

JSC TT-EK Oil & Gas company provides people worldwide with high-quality petroleum solutions that change their lives. We are a global energy company focused on geological exploration, processing and sales of gas, gas condensate and oil, sales of gas as a vehicle fuel, as well as generation and marketing of heat and lube oil.

Modern Equipment

JSC TT-EK Oil & Gas investment in targeted companies in the Russian region and abroad consists of acquiring a raw material base for production and ensuring a huge growth in our production capacity

Up Stream Sector

We offer safe workplaces, reliable insurance, and career prospects. The upstream sector is a strategically important part of the vertically integrated holding company JSC TT-EK Oil & Gas, ensuring the smooth operation of the entire company. 

Eco Solutions

The energy-efficient equipment we use does not only save us money. The company uses state-of-the-art technology in its exploration work to improve exploration efficiency. The Group’s exploration drilling success rate is approximately 76%.

Our services

Our company JSC TT-EK provides first-class petroleum solutions & services for governmental and private organizations and involves in exploration, development and operation of onshore and offshore oil and gas fields in Russia and abroad. 

Efficient well drilling
Converting heat energy
Transforming crude oil

Ensuring quality gas processing

Sustainable oil extraction

Green energy solutions

We are committed to providing services that meet our customers ' needs and expectations for quality.

Why Choose Us?

Our Mission Is To Exploit Producing Oil & Gas Fields In Russia And Abroad Ensuring A Maximum Effective And Integrated Recovery Of Hydrocarbon Resources.

We pursue higher efficiency through a balanced business portfolio.  The Corporate Evolution Program is aimed at creating a flexible, adaptive business system for efficient work with underlying assets and quick integration of new assets providing maximum speed and flexibility in the management, execution and decision-making processes

We strive to sharpen our overseas marketing capabilities by enhancing strategic partnerships with key customers abroad. The Expansion Program includes a set of project objectives for searching, evaluating and entering new projects as well as creating efficient tools of the project searching and evaluating, and mechanisms for efficient work in new countries and regions 

Development of professional expertise and efficiency of all organizational procedures. The Technological Leadership Program represents a set of projects and initiatives aimed at developing key technological competencies to improve the current assets performance and implement international expansion

We offer our customers a wide range of products, including: crude oil, diesel fuel, lubricants, aviation kerosene, LPG, bitumen, fuel oil, polypropylene, carbamide, etc. Logistics. The logistic map of supplies of the JSC TT-EK Oil & Gas , based on business ties and contractual relations of partner enterprises, includes: the territory of Russia, the EAEU country; EU countries; Asia (China, Korea); Middle East (Israel, Iran, Syria, UAE, Saudi Arabia); USA.

We Provide All Facilities For Better Work Environment To Our Employees and Clients

What people say

We trust JSC TT-EK Oil & Gas on everything connected with gas & petroleum.
Helen McMillan
There is incredible peace of mind knowing that you’re in the hands of professionals.
Sam Williams
The staffs at your company are amazing! Your service has added a great value to life.
Adam Cooper
JSC TT-EK Oil & Gas are extraordinary! I am quite happy with them! Just keep up going this way!
Adam Smith
Great organization!! Your prompt answer became a pleasant surprise for me.
Nick Harris
I just want to thank you for your help. I was so pleased and grateful. Keep up the excellent work.
John Anderson
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